The Early Years and the Budget Nazi.

Let's talk about the lessons learned from the early years.

3/4/20241 min read

So we begin.... My now wife and I met my sophomore year at college. In fact, at first sight, neither of us were impressed with the other (a whole separate story). Fast forward one and a half years, we were married with one year of college to pay for as well as living expenses. Our parents blessed us both with a debt free college education so at least we were off to a good start financially.

So, how did we do this? First, since we had ~18 months between engagement and marriage, we both tried to save like mad to put aside a bit of cash reserves. Secondly, I worked a part time job in the school cafeteria to supplement the savings. These were indeed lean times, so I became the "Budget Nazi" mentioned in the subtitle of this blog. I remember that I created an extremely detailed budget by week for our spending. This budget was my kingdom and I ruled it! If either of us spent as much at $.25 on a candy bar (remember this was 1980) it went as a spend on the budget. If we didn't have money available in the gas budget, then we didn't go home to visit family. I can remember the first Halloween at our apartment. We bought just enough candy to pass out that our limited budget would allow. Once this ran out (and it was quickly), my wife and I just turned out the lights and sat on the couch like no one was home.

What do I think we did right;

1) Plan ahead....well ahead.

2) Don't take on any new debt with a limited income stream.

What I think we did not so right? Don't be that Budget Nazi. Yes, it is important to plan and manage your finances. However, leave some room in that budget for some fun! We are meant to live and enjoy life and not be a slave to our money. Use your money wisely and don't let your money use you.

Until Later.....